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Live Lecture | Group Exercises | Case Study

  • 1

    Lecture Frameworks

    • Transforming Legacy Ecosystems

    • Transforming Legacy Culture

    • Operational Backbone | Customer Experience (Technology Combinations)

    • Operational Backbone | Organization (Technology Combinations)

    • Organization of the Future

    • Telling Your Digital Story | Creating Your New Strategy Playscript

    • Creating Your Digital Manifesto

    • Creating a Digital Transformation Office

    • Funding Your Own Success

    • Congruence Model

    • Marketing Communications Model

    • Marketing Objectives

    • Creating a Tech Radar

    • 90-Day Plan

  • 2


    • Exercise 1 | Building Your Operational Backbone

    • Exercise 2 | Building Digital Factories

    • Exercise 3 | Create a Digital Roadmap

    • Exercise 4 | Digital Capabilities Model

    • Exercise 5 | Digital Communications Plan

    • Exercise 6 | The Extended Digital Enterprise

  • 3

    Case Study

    • Case Study | Exitecs Consulting: The Implementation of a New Digital Strategy

    • Case Study | Video Overview

  • 4

    Course Materials

    • Introduction

    • Lecture Links

    • eBook| EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation

    • Article | In the Ecosystem Economy, What's Your Strategy?

    • Article | Strategy Tools for a Shifting Landscape

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